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If It Had Been Work I Shouldn't Have Done It

What work I have done I have done because it has been play. If it had been work I shouldn't have done it. Who was it who said, "Blessed is the man who has found his work"? Whoever it was he had the right idea in his mind. Mark you, he says his work--not somebody else's work. The work that is really a man's own work is play and not work at all.
Mark Twain

When a communications link must span a larger distance than existing fiber-optic technology is capable of, the signal must be regenerated at intermediate points in the link by optical communications repeaters. We installed regen sites from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, and in Arkansas.
The Williams Companies helped to get the modern telecommunications industry off the ground by running fiber optic cable through its decommissioned pipelines. It built two nationwide networks, which have since become their own companies; the first was sold in 1995 to LDDS (which would become WorldCom & then MCI) and the second was spun off in 2001 as Williams Communications (which would become WilTel Communications and later consolidate into Level 3 Communications).

For the Williams Companies we finished the last mile at Kansas City, Missouri, Before we got to the bridge we installed two innerducts into a former products pipeline which crossed the Missouri River making it ready for the fiber.

We trenched from the end of the pipeline, and then went over the side of the Broadway Street bridge above the Missouri River for the bridge attachment. We came down using a bucket truck, then along a flood wall with pipe and under a railroad track into an existing manhole.

Everyone wants to enjoy their time spent at the job. People who just keep looking at their (I don't even wear a watch, nothing happens anyway until I get there) watch when at work, need to start focusing more on the task at hand. This will make the job more enjoyable.

When people are passionate about what they are doing this will ultimately bring out the best in them, and they can reach for the stars career wise.

Some people are naturally cheerful when at work. These are the type of people that make their jobs more exciting, and bring something new to the work scene.

People who cannot stand their jobs are just setting themselves up for failure. They are making themselves more and more miserable, as they lack any enthusiasm, and also it is easier to make mistakes on the job. If you're happier at work it means that the day goes by quicker.

People who have fun at work generally will have a more positive attitude towards their jobs. This can be rewarding, and they make the job more bearable. Having fun at work will also affect a person’s health in a positive light. They will decrease their stress levels that a job usually brings, and many people will find fun at work to actually make their day better.

Work should be fun! Most of us, however, suffer from terminal seriousitis. We evolve into stuffy people, because work is no fun. Work and associated pay only are a means to pay for the things outside of work that we enjoy and that are fun.

When we deliberately incorporate humor and fun into the work routine people are more productive, more creative, have less sick time, and have less turnover.

Humor gets us through difficult situations. In tough economic times, when people must do more with with less, humor is a morale and productivity booster. Humor and laughter are necessary for for a healthy personal lifestyle. The same is true for the job.

People who enjoy their work and are allowed to have fun are more effective, efficient and productive. When peoples' spirits are up, they get along better with co-workers,and they will do better quality work

A healthy sense of humor helps to keep things in perspective, reduces stress, facilitates change, builds confidence, and loyalty. It makes people want to come to work, because they do not want to miss out.

In prison, you spend most of your time wanting to get out, looking through bars from the inside. At work, you spend most of your time wanting to get out and go inside bars. In prison, you get three free meals a days. At work, you only get a break for one meal, and you pay for it.

Your sense of humor is one of the most powerful tools you have for coping with any source of stress in your life. When you’re able to find a light side of deadlines, conflicts and other aspects of your job—especially on the tough days—you have a tool for letting go of the frustrations and upsets of the moment. This enables you to sustain a frame of mind conducive to dealing more effectively with the problem of the moment.

We started in Iowa, crossed the Mississippi with a bore, and ended in Lincoln, Nebraska. Most of Omaha was bored until we were able to trench. We are plowing four ducts in one pass with two D8s, mostly on public r/w.

Bringing your sense of humor to your job (when appropriate) also goes a long way in helping make your work fun. Reduced job stress, greater enjoyment of your work, and sustaining a frame of mind conducive to effective working all make a significant contribution to the goal of increased productivity and quality service.

The idea that work should be fun is not new. John Naisbitt noted long ago, in his book Reinventing the Corporation, that "Many business people have mourned the death of the work ethic in America. But few of us have applauded the logic of the new value taking its place: ‘Work should be Fun.’ That outrageous assertion is the value that fuels the most productive people and companies in this country."

When people start to have more fun on their jobs, they become energized and more productive. And yet, some are afraid to try putting humor and fun to work, because they fear that employees will take it as a message that it’s OK to goof off.

I know of no company, however, that has found that introducing a lighter attitude on the job led to goofing off. In fact, the opposite is generally reported. Making work fun helps sustain peak performance and consistently provide quality, because it provides an outlet for tension and stress and makes work more enjoyable.

You can lighten up on the job, and continue to be competent and professional. The key is taking your work seriously, while taking yourself lightly in doing that work.

Many have in recent years changed their views about the value of humor. This shift has also occurred for the broader notion that work should be fun. It wasn’t very long ago that virtually every company in the country drew a sharp distinction between the notion of work and play.

If you had fun, or were found joking, laughing, or showing a "playful attitude" on the job, it was assumed that you were goofing off, unprofessional, immature, and not taking your work seriously.

You must always be sensitive to when any form of humor or laughter is and is not appropriate. Most are now aware of the distinction between taking your work and yourself seriously. As stress levels on the job continue to mount, it's good to keep in mind that "They who laugh, last." Once you’ve established that you’re good at what you do, and that you’re professional and take your work seriously, you’ll find that humor and a lighter style will work for you, not against you. The number one rule, of course, is to always be sensitive to when any kind of humor or laughter is and is not appropriate.

Level 3 was originally founded in 1985 as Kiewit Diversified Group Inc. (KDG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Peter Kiewit Sons', Inc. (PKS). Peter Kiewit Sons', Inc. is a 114-year-old construction, mining, information services and communications company headquartered in Omaha, Neb. KDG was originally created to hold PKS' non-construction business assets. In early 1998, KDG announced it was changing its name to Level 3 Communications, Inc.

To get from Cleveland, OH to Buffalo, NY, you use all types of construction methods. In the country all you need is track time to plow on the rail. (2000) Here we were lucky to get 2-3 hours a day and it isn't just a whistle stop when you run out of duct.

The Most obvious way to make your job fun, of course, is to learn to find some humor in the things that go on. There are many things in addition to having a laugh on the job that can make your work fun.

Fun people were viewed by their colleagues as being intelligent, energetic, hardworking, outgoing, friendly, competent, not always serious, and able to laugh at themselves. It is precisely because of these qualities that so many now seek employees with a good sense of humor.

Your own attitude toward your work and a determination to find ways to make it fun are crucial to enjoying your job.

Why do work and play need to be segregated? I firmly believe that it is not only important to have passions but have a passion for what one does professionally.

Success is finding something enjoyable, something that inspires one and committing to it, resulting in a feeling of fulfillment far more satisfying than any dollar amount. Gaming is viewed as a luxury, and indulgence that people can rely on to release them from the drudgery of everyday life. On the other hand, some people dedicate themselves to creating and producing this “unneeded” luxury item and find the satisfaction that I strive for.

In the world of fiber optic networks, a carefully constructed network requires calculated planning and a high level of expertise. It's not so easy, that anyone can throw up some cables and call it a network.

We only plowed in one duct with a fiber. Directional rigs are used to eliminate open cutting by trenchers in urban areas and downtown work required conduit and manholes.

In the late nineteenth century physicists started to freak out. Some of them had noticed even earlier that everything they knew about Newtonian physics was suspiciously letting them down.

They'd been gaining a better and better understanding of the world of the very small. Imagine their shock when the electrons they'd become so comfortable with as particles started displaying the properties of waves. Their brains must have exploded.

It took an extra hundred years for our brains to have same reaction. Today we're in shock at the the realization that nothing good can happen at work while we obsess about particles.

Everybody knows when a job is light and buoyant and fun and cool. The forward energy is palpable. When you work in a place like that, you assume everyone has good intent because you do, and because these are the kinds of people who get hired into a place like that.

The greatest energy source we've got is the combined smarts and goodwill of people, but we shut down the energy source with crusty bureaucracy. People want to dig in and do an amazing job and have fun. That feeling is familiar to us. We know it from sports we played as kids and musical theatre productions and any other activity where people join together to do something ambitious and awesome.

We can't keep pretending to ourselves and one another that the forecast and the budget and the policy make a job. The energy comes from the people who are already there. Who wouldn't rather deal with a Human job than a crusty, frosty, bureaucractic one?

Give people an inspiring goal that they helped design and have a stake in and your motivation problems are solved! The fun to be had at work is the fun of discovery and triumph. One of the worst feelings in the world is to be jollied or coerced into somebody else's idea of fun.

The good news is that work can be fun any time we turn the dial from production first, second and third! to human first, everything else second. When we hire people we trust to get the work done with our support rather than our control, we all blossom. We all grow new muscles.

It's ridiculously easy to make any workplace fun, and it doesn't cost a dime. Anybody can start the process, and it always starts the same way: Soften. Don't judge anyone, and don't judge yourself. Tell the truth about what's happening around you, and let other people react as they will. We're all trying to get through the day and it's not easy.

Bring yourself completely to work. Sounds easy, but it takes intention when Godzilla is crouching in the corner. Work should be fun because people are generally much better and far more productive when they're doing things they enjoy doing. Our work is also one of the primary things that shapes us as people--how we see ourselves and how others see us. As others have pointed out, our work is what we spend most of our waking hours doing, so if we can enjoy ourselves while doing it, we should have more enjoyable lives. However, I think work should also be serious, engaging, challenging, stimulating and rewarding.

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